5 Steps to boost your recruitment marketing funnel

Recruitment is essentially the same as marketing - if you want to convert candidates to hires, you have to ensure that you're recruiting funnel is as solid as it can be.

The recruitment process involves:

  • Identifying the hiring need.
  • Developing job descriptions.
  • Distributing job posts (which means selecting and posting on job boards).
  • Reviewing applications.
  • Screening candidates.
  • Selecting the most suitable ones.

This blog post will discuss the steps you can take to improve your recruitment funnel to increase your number of leads and the number of applications you receive.

What is a recruitment marketing funnel?

A recruiting funnel is a framework that enables you to follow a process that decreases the number of candidates by identifying only those who are genuinely qualified for the job.

The funnel model is used to organize the recruitment process because it is a time-tested strategy that helps solve critical hiring issues. It manages and facilitates the hiring process.

Stages of the Recruitment Funnel

The funnel can be broken down into six stages, they are:

1) Awareness:

Your ideal candidate will be attracted to your brand and approach you without your having to do much.

2) Interest:

In recruiting, a lead is considered interested or attracted when they take an action that brings them closer to the sales funnel.

3) Application:

This is where the candidates apply for the job.

4) Pre-selection:

It means when a candidate applies for a job, they'll have to undergo a series of tests and interviews.

5) Interview:

The interview is the process of observing, speaking with, and otherwise interacting with an applicant to evaluate whether or not they are qualified for the position.

6) Hiring:

The recruiter or hiring manager will choose the selected candidates and provide them with a job offer.

Based on these stages of recruitment, there are a few tips to boost your recruitment marketing funnel.

5 Steps to boost your recruitment marketing funnel

#1. Create a strong presence on social media

People can use social media to advertise job openings and discussing corporate culture. Please encourage others to interact with you by asking questions, holding competitions, or making them know that they are valued members of your community.

#2. Place your ad where your prospective applicants are likely to be found

It would be counter-productive to share your job advert far and wide because you'll only waste time and money interviewing unsuitable candidates.

It's important to review your recruitment channels and take a targeted approach to advertise. Make sure you only place your job ad where your ideal candidates are likely to be looking. For example, on targeted online job sites, in trade publications, on social networking sites.

#3. Take note of your employer's feedback

If you have a disgruntled employee, chances are, they've not kept their grievances to themselves. So pay attention to what people have said about your company and keep an eye out on sites that allow employees to review you, such as Glassdoor, Indeed, etc.

#4. Optimize the app for mobile use

Nearly two-thirds of candidates today would instead apply for a job via their mobile phone than their desktop computer. So instead of losing out on these candidates, we should make sure to optimize our app for mobile use.

#5. Metrics can be used to determine what works

How can you tell which steps of your hiring funnel work for you if you don't track metrics such as time to hire, cost per hire, quality of hire? By monitoring these metrics, you can test and adjust your hiring process.


Recruitment marketing is an art and needs an investment in time, money, and, most importantly - creativity. Recruitment marketing funnels are an effective way to boost your recruitment marketing.