Top 5 best areas to set up your office in Bengaluru

For many entrepreneurs, Bangalore is a place where they can see their dreams come true. This City has been a favorite destination for startups. For established businesses, it is the glittering gem of India's economic growth.

Bangalore has a cosmopolitan atmosphere that makes it an ideal location to run your business. It is less expensive than Mumbai and Delhi but still has high-speed Internet and office space. Many new co-working spaces are opening in Bangalore. The City is filled with people who are willing to start their businesses, and most of them can afford to work independently.

In this article, you will find the best areas to set up an office space in Bengaluru.

The best places to set up an office in Bengaluru

#1. Koramangala

Number 1 on the list of best places to set up office space in Bengaluru Is Koramangla.

It's not an exaggeration to say that this section of south Bangalore is known as the startup capital of India. Where else in Bangalore is there a more considerable concentration of startups? Koramangala is where you want to be if you're serious about launching.

Koramangala is a popular area in Bangalore city. It's the place to start your business if you want to be successful. That's because startups like Flipkart and Swiggy got their starts there.

Koramangala is especially attractive to startups because it has a great variety of ATMs and restaurants, so employees can take care of their day-to-day needs without leaving the office.

#2. Indiranagar

The area is centrally located, so it's easy to get to places. It's a residential and shopping area, so there are plenty of restaurants. There aren't any big tech parks, but there are quite a few offices nearby.

Indiranagar is a lively dining and nightlife hub, attracting a young, stylish crowd. The area is busy every day, with mode shops selling indie labels and multinational brands and eccentric shops offering craftsmanship.

Some of the top companies in the area include Syntel, Spica Software, Adroit Technology, and Visual Web Solutions.

#3. Electronic City

The area of Electronic City is divided into two phases: Phase 1 and Phase 2. The site is one of the biggest IT hubs of Bangalore, and it lies on Hosur Road.

Electronic City is a Bangalore suburb in India. The town of Anekal is found in the state of Karnataka. It covers 800 acres in Konappana Agrahara and Dodd and is one of India's major electronic/IT industrial parks.

The price of a commercial property is between Rs 2000 and Rs 2250 per square foot, and the rent is between Rs 38 to Rs 45 per square foot. The area is home to many companies such as Infosys, Wipro, Genpact, etc.

#4. Whitefield

Whitefield, a locality in Bangalore, is one of the most sought areas for office spaces. The eastern part of the City is one of the most popular office spaces because it has good connectivity and lots of malls and shopping complexes.

This area is an IT hub and is very expensive due to the density of population. Many leisure facilities have recently sprung up due to the popularity and density of the people here.

Whitefield is well connected to Chennai's railway network because it falls under the Bangalore-Chennai line. Here are several IT parks, including the popular Whitefield ITPL. Some of the biggest brands in tech, such as TCS, Accenture.

#5. Marathahalli

Marathahalli is a residential and commercial area in Bangalore's south-eastern outskirts. It's a short distance from HAL Airport, formerly known as the Old Airport. Marathahalli has recently risen to prominence as a major IT hub, attracting many individuals to the area.

Connectivity is excellent for staff to travel from any region of the City and develop with subways.

Being one of the top IT clusters in the country, Marathahalli is surrounded by many international technology companies. Compared to its neighbors, such as Whitefield and Indiranagar, commercial real estate costs in Marathahalli are more affordable and competitive.


Bangalore is the perfect place, with multiple choices to set up your office. What are you waiting for? Make the best use of your time and opt for an area that suits your business.